Annabelle (loliniii) wrote,

[little rants about this c lub :>]

Okay! I will now proceed to rant~

It will be entertaining, trust me lol.

We had our first anime club today and wow...What is this? For the past two years it had been extremely unorganized and so I want to do something to change that but wow these kids are rowdy. Anyways their behavior wasn't the problem. The problem's like they hardly know anything about anime at all!

Plus I had everyone turn in a piece of paper (kinda like a sign in) in which they put their name, grade, favorite anime, and ideas for the club and well...I lol'd at this one guy who wrote Kodocha :<. I'm so mean. FFT. The rest were like Vampire Knight and stuff and one person wrote down like 5 versions of pokemon. That lameo.

And the ideas...some wrote nothing and some wrote REALLY stupid things.

" we can drink it.", "Use things like -san -chan -sensei", and "Skimpier cosplays" (but I knew how he was so eh.). Seriously? No please. The person with the best ideas was from a boy who had a slight mental retardation. But seriously. HE HAD THE BEST IDEAS.

And in the end I was really curious about who watched streamed anime. I got like 5 people out of the 27. ALRIGHT CLASS THIS IS ANIME 101 AND YOU GUYS ARE TO LEARN SO TAKE OUT A PIECE OF PAPER AND TAKE NOTES. lol. My friend (who isn't an anime fan at all) knows more about anime than they do thanks to my constant fangirling over different animes and characters...yes. I think I have a lot of work to do xD;;

The last thing is I really want to have contests in which I give out good prizes like mini figures or posters...but wow I'm so scared by what will happen to them D:.
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