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[i stayed up until 2 am just for this bid;;] it's barely wednesday?

I'll admit. I'm really tired and it's barely almost 10.
Maybe it was because I was busy bidding on the Hetalia book...but I had to ;A;. It has pretty music scores and pictures HNNNGH. But lol in the end I kinda stayed up for nothing because after getting outbidded I went up by 50 cents and just waited. Nothing. xD;;;.

BUT DURING THIS TIME SOMEONE HAD TO DECIDE TO FIGHT FOR HEART NO KUNI FROM ME D<. lol. I think I got so into it...Ari was like 'well you must be having fun.' lolol. Well I went high enough to know no one will touch it =w=. I'm satisfied.

NOW ABOUT SCHOOL. Me and my new friend Thomas have decided to stay in the Office. My mom said it'd be a good experiance and well I don't hate it anymore. I got used to picking up calls and stuff BUT I did hang up on like two people after attempting to transfer their calls ;A;. It was totally accidental and I felt so bad. ;;;.

So I realized my IB music is my homeroom class...which means when we have like attendance as long as I'm there all that week I win 8D. No one can beat that! PFFFT.

...English was...that Mythology test...names..............oh god I don't want to think about it.

I'm already counting down the days until graduation.

I'm going to bed =w=. Good night to all or something!
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