Annabelle (loliniii) wrote,

Intro Post

This is a intro post....

These my the rules:
1.Annabelle is the Queen
2.The Queen's word is law
3.The law dictates that you do the Queen's bidding
4.Therefore, you must listen to her.

This is how my mind works:

Annabelle has been wondering how to write out an intro post.
Annabelle realizes how much she fails at figuring out how to write does not want to waste time on a intro post.
Annabelle has decided that she is too much of a loser winner to deal with the rest of you anyways.

She hates loud noises, and annoying people.
But she probably doesn't hate you.
She likes cake, steak, pudding, tea, and pretty/cute things
But she's too lazy to go on so you'll have to figure it our yourself.

And now she will lurk away like a loser Queen and debate really hard on how to make a good intro never touch this post again.

Okay. That will be all. You may now comment on my friends only post and add me if you feel like it now. just walk away with your hands in your pockets sulking that Annabelle does not feel like dealing with you.
Good Day.

Just kidding guys~ I'm friendly! Really! I just don't like thinking up intro posts...d-derp...
Tags: fail post, i am a loser, i love you guys ;3;, my friends are my servants
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