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???►just what the hell?
Who Loves Shotas<3
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11th-Jan-2035 05:44 pm - So I decided...
Quietly Staring►I can see through you。

There really aren't any rules per say on adding me.....just do tell me why or something but I'm usually quite flexable~
BUT! I'll leave some posts public so you guys can get a jist of what I usually post?

Right under this one...

Friends Only Credit to : haine-asakura
25th-Apr-2030 04:08 pm - Intro Post
Bow Down►i am a winner~

This is a intro post....

These my the rules:
1.Annabelle is the Queen
2.The Queen's word is law
3.The law dictates that you do the Queen's bidding
4.Therefore, you must listen to her.

This is how my mind works:

Annabelle has been wondering how to write out an intro post.
Annabelle realizes how much she fails at figuring out how to write does not want to waste time on a intro post.
Annabelle has decided that she is too much of a loser winner to deal with the rest of you anyways.

She hates loud noises, and annoying people.
But she probably doesn't hate you.
She likes cake, steak, pudding, tea, and pretty/cute things
But she's too lazy to go on so you'll have to figure it our yourself.

And now she will lurk away like a loser Queen and debate really hard on how to make a good intro never touch this post again.

Okay. That will be all. You may now comment on my friends only post and add me if you feel like it now. just walk away with your hands in your pockets sulking that Annabelle does not feel like dealing with you.
Good Day.

Just kidding guys~ I'm friendly! Really! I just don't like thinking up intro posts...d-derp...
27th-Sep-2010 01:31 pm - [HEY LOOK SPARKLES]
Blushing►this is my dere
And I kinda already post just now on it because I got impatient. Yes I did.

And while you do that. Re-add please?
for all you lazy people who doesn't want to read my sparkly post.

But remember. Iif you don't Ill think you don't love me and sulk in a corner of woe 8(

FF jk I love you all.

And I gues just think of this as a reverse friends cut as well while we're at it. If you think we're just not compatible enough to be friends it's alright. I'll understand~
15th-Sep-2010 12:00 am - [celebrationnn]
Bow Down►i am a winner~

So so so this post is not finished because there is something I need to add on that would require me doing what I need to at the perfect time where no one can see me so it's not embarrassing. ffff.
Buut in adding it in later means the less chance people will see it >>;;

I hope you like your million bday plurks and flist spam from all of us though! fufufu~

I love you and I'm very happy that we've known each other for this long now *A*...
How long as it been really? I don't even know anymore.
Either way cosplaying together and planning future cosplays is just aslfjsflksjfk.
Little Tokyo was funn too!
Fffft just spending time together was fun okay okay.

Oh and pm me your address when you can yeah?
I'll send over a beginners piano book and your Oz tie<33
???►just what the hell?
So after reading dreaming_danis post about a piano video (which was beautiful by the way) I remembered I am suppose to be finding new music that I'll need to play for my IB music class. Songs adding up to 15 minutes  to be exactly. Idkay what exactly I'm looking for but I'll trust you guys to help me~

No I mean PLEASE HELP ME I'M BEGGING YOU That's right, how can you turn down the great I's request?

Let me make this shiny and call it a...


Any kind of music in any genre is fine~ Hopefully you'll have a link to a video or maybe a music download. If not I should be able to find it myself so no worries :D.

Also nothing to hard that will make me hang myself though thank you, thank you.

I love you all♥

Edit: You may ignore my wifey spazzing. She loves me =w=.
7th-Sep-2010 12:27 pm - [rp stuff]
Blushing►this is my dere
> Didn't go to school today...

I'm fine though, really ;;.

> I'll find something interesting to talk about later but first this made me happy
I don't normally look at the rp anon comm unless someone links me or tells me about it but I thought about it today and went to look around and hnnngh aldfsfkjfd; not something I expected to see. Now I hope our Celty doesn't think she's a fail D<.

> I keep rereading my thread with Cal. Something about it makes me happy too xD;; But baww I was a nervous wreck posting Romanos post ;;. Still I love how it turned out.


> YEAHH I should go catch up with my lovely f-list now. Expect comments on older looking posts by like two days so you guys can totally forgive me right? Because I am the queen and you guys have no right to yell at me. I love you all *A*.

> Heyy at least this means only 3 days of school for me this week thanks to Labor Day >D.

>Edit: I completely gave up and filtered out everything except journal entries. I'm so classy like that...
....I think I need to go lay down.
4th-Sep-2010 12:19 pm - [little rants about this c lub :>]
???►just what the hell?
Okay! I will now proceed to rant~

It will be entertaining, trust me lol.

We had our first anime club today and wow...What is this? For the past two years it had been extremely unorganized and so I want to do something to change that but wow these kids are rowdy. Anyways their behavior wasn't the problem. The problem was...it's like they hardly know anything about anime at all!

Plus I had everyone turn in a piece of paper (kinda like a sign in) in which they put their name, grade, favorite anime, and ideas for the club and well...I lol'd at this one guy who wrote Kodocha :<. I'm so mean. FFT. The rest were like Vampire Knight and stuff and one person wrote down like 5 versions of pokemon. That lameo.

And the ideas...some wrote nothing and some wrote REALLY stupid things.

"Tea...so we can drink it.", "Use things like -san -chan -sensei", and "Skimpier cosplays" (but I knew how he was so eh.). Seriously? No please. The person with the best ideas was from a boy who had a slight mental retardation. But seriously. HE HAD THE BEST IDEAS.

And in the end I was really curious about who watched streamed anime. I got like 5 people out of the 27. ALRIGHT CLASS THIS IS ANIME 101 AND YOU GUYS ARE TO LEARN SO TAKE OUT A PIECE OF PAPER AND TAKE NOTES. lol. My friend (who isn't an anime fan at all) knows more about anime than they do thanks to my constant fangirling over different animes and characters...yes. I think I have a lot of work to do xD;;

The last thing is I really want to have contests in which I give out good prizes like mini figures or posters...but wow I'm so scared by what will happen to them D:.
26th-Aug-2010 04:38 pm - [/makes countdown until graduation]
Depressed &amp; Quiet►or just dramatic。
o This is a sexy icon and I never use it because it looks so sad but I WILL USE IT NOW BECAUSE IT'S A SEXY ICON :I.

o SO SO SO I GOT AP PSYCHOLOGY NOW =w=. It was full when I wanted to transfer in to the class but my friend told me he dropped so I went off to my councilor *A*. It sounds pretty cool and my friend says I probably should figure out why I'm so ditsy with it and well it's better than working at the office! My friend was going to leave me for PE and I was going to be alone tomorrow.

That would be horrible. I picked up the phone three times today. Two of them were in Spanish and I was like...oh ...shi...now what?! /FLAIL.

o I'm really tired and slept in my IB Music class because my teacher had a phone call and took up the whole period arguing with some other teacher in middle school about the way she did things.

o Sense and Sensibility test today. WAS SO EASY I DON'T EVEN. lol. ;;;;.

o Okay okay you guys probably won't be hearing too much about school from me any more. I'm pretty settled in 8D.

o So lettts do a meme?
Pick ONE WORD from each pair that you think describes me the best and comment with your choices. Then copy this and post it in your own journal to see how your friends view you.
Go go go~Collapse )


o My friends are already freaking out about Calclus...I'm a horrible friend. I just laugh. I mean I warned them how hard it was :<. I have the right to laugh!
Lovely►the face of a young girl。
...wow it's barely wednesday?

I'll admit. I'm really tired and it's barely almost 10.
Maybe it was because I was busy bidding on the Hetalia book...but I had to ;A;. It has pretty music scores and pictures HNNNGH. But lol in the end I kinda stayed up for nothing because after getting outbidded I went up by 50 cents and just waited. Nothing. xD;;;.

BUT DURING THIS TIME SOMEONE HAD TO DECIDE TO FIGHT FOR HEART NO KUNI FROM ME D<. lol. I think I got so into it...Ari was like 'well you must be having fun.' lolol. Well I went high enough to know no one will touch it =w=. I'm satisfied.

NOW ABOUT SCHOOL. Me and my new friend Thomas have decided to stay in the Office. My mom said it'd be a good experiance and well I don't hate it anymore. I got used to picking up calls and stuff BUT I did hang up on like two people after attempting to transfer their calls ;A;. It was totally accidental and I felt so bad. ;;;.

So I realized my IB music is my homeroom class...which means when we have like attendance competitions...lol as long as I'm there all that week I win 8D. No one can beat that! PFFFT.

...English was...that Mythology test...names..............oh god I don't want to think about it.

I'm already counting down the days until graduation.

I'm going to bed =w=. Good night to all or something!
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