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???►just what the hell?
Who Loves Shotas<3
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Bow Down►i am a winner~
So I was going to post about my school day. First day and all...but before that my friend xzetsumi found out that we made it on the Cosmode magazine *A*.

I think I'm starting to feel tired =A=.
Misc►because i can。
So Nisei week wasn't too bad =w=. It was just really hot but we had a LOT of icecream, frozen yogurt, and slushies! :D
I felt like Zetsu was pretty much taking care of me the whole weekend owo...We-well I guess that's normal righht?

Not much to report! EXPECT I HATE BUSES BECAUSE THE LADYS ARE ALWAYS A BITCH TO ME D<. Metro trains are fun though >D.
But anyways...I'll throw this meme in and jump  on the bandwagon.

honesty meme

Step 1: Post this into your LJ publicly.
Step 2: Others will reply anonymously (if they'd like) about what they really think of you.
Step 3: Cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts.

Anon is on, IP logging is off.

Also...I realize I've been forgetting to lock my posts again ;;;
Well I'm not suppose to lock this one so...fft

13th-Aug-2010 07:19 pm - [So So SOOOOO!!!...I don't know]
Oz►My Shota with his personal Icon Slot♥
❤Going to Little Tokyo tomorrow for Nisei Week :D.
Doing Alice on Saturday and wearing lolita on Sunday.


❤Went to registration for school today and saw my friend who went to Europe for 2 weeks. She got me delicious chocolate from Switzerland *A*. And! A pretty masque mask from Venice. I love it very much and plan to wear it on the first day of school. lol. Maybe that might be a problem since I'm meeting the new teachers then...oh well.

I was wearing it during registration. Stares were involved. FFT :D.

❤So I was staring at the fall list.
Like this Summer not much caught my attention. I don't really like being too picky but I never seem to find myself setting down to watch everything. Plush MKV has been acting weird on me ever since Durarara!! downloads. Maybe it's just my laptop.

Togainu no Chi. (Yesss >D)
Bakuman. (Manga was nice enough to get my attention so why not)
Psychic Detective Yakumo (Looked interesting on it's own accord)

So yeah, that was simple. I mean the only thing I'm following right now is Ookami and Kuroshitsuji II and even then I still need to catch up on Shit II.


❤....I'm not done packing....later<3
10th-Aug-2010 07:28 pm - [IS DEVIOUS]
Plotting You Death►this will be good。
So first thing is first! giruani said I could post this. She said so. I can prove it.

But really...who cares about proving that I can do something when the good stuff is more fun to look at~

Story Time<33

8th-Aug-2010 06:50 pm - [Finished Walk Through is Finished]
Oz►My Shota with his personal Icon Slot♥
I am speechless and has nothing to say. I must be tired....


So as I promised Lae I'm done with the very vague walk through for Ace ~Heart no Kuni~ 8D. Still, it should get you Ace!
Ummm...if you have any questions just ask. I'm sorry if it looks confusing or anything ;; Plus I'm sure a lot of things I'm talking about you should already understand and I'm just adding on information you know in some parts but bare with me~.

~How to Capture a Knight~Collapse )
6th-Aug-2010 11:33 pm - [Heartbeats and Ticking♥]
Bow Down►i am a winner~

ACE LOVES ME!!! ♥♥♥ 8D.


For people going wut? oAo. It's just an Otome game ~Heart no Kuni no Alice~ I've been going on about on plurk lately. But now I'm finally at rest =w=.
So since I figured that out Lae~ You are definitely getting some sort of walk through. I put down every thing important and needed to be noted type things so I'll post up a mini this is what you do and not really a walk through because I don't know if it can count as one or not posts :>.

And and! I had this ~dokidoki~ dream too *A*. I think it was because I was too into the game so by the time I was done and ready for bed I had a dream about him too xD;;. It was just a road trip with my friend but he was there! I'm not sure what happened but he couldn't calm down so he listened to my heartbeat which of course I didn't mind much *A*. I did hear ticking noises in my dream along with my heartbeat but I was like ~dokidoki~...obiviously if I could hear my own heartbeat Pfft.
But yes. I want my dream baccckk~♥

Ummm. I went out to today. Was evil and tied my friends converse shoes together. I had to unstring everything and then criss cross it along the two shoes >D. I'm evil. I know. Too bad I had to leave before I got to see what happened.

I REALLY have to finish that Kida app...like...now. I'm itching to play him but at the same time I'm kinda out of it right now and Alice is definitely complaining about it on D_M if I every decide to let her ;;;.
4th-Aug-2010 10:24 am - [WHERE IS MY SUMMER?]
???►just what the hell?
☆So a big welcome to celestial_m00n to my journal who is here to take me away from Kuri because she proclaimed her love for me.
Lets be great friends *A*. Or more.

☆I've simply been just laying around and text spamming my friend and other things lately. She's in Europe right now and her phone is still here so...hey, I warned her. She's suppose to bring me something but she calls me picky. Still I'm looking forward to whatever she brings *A*.

☆My eye is swollen ;A;. Or at least my left eye is. It was hurting yesterday so I guess...Well it happens so it should go away after a day.

☆I should really finish up my summer work. I started but...haaa.

☆Mother has been kinda annoying. She yells about where I contain the rice because it's too big of a container. It fit well and we scooped up from that container a couple of times already...so yeahhh. And before she lost something and was angry about it because she was working on this thing for so long. I understand, but she threw a fit into the point where I'm like MOM WE'LL HELP YOU FIND IT SO SHUT UP PLEASE.

☆I've been sleeping late lately. Only because of that Otome game. I mean I was happy to be able to play Heart No Kuni after wanting to for a few years or so but I can't understand a mess of it. The goal is first Ace. Then Elliot. But yeah....who knows when that would work ;;;.

☆Overall. Not a bad summer really. It just feels a lot more shorter. Little Tokyo with Zetsu really soon *A*.

???►just what the hell?
♚Back home with my crappy-ish internet. But hey. It's all mine baby~

♚Vegas was fun but that was definitely only because I was with my friend 8D. We didn't do too much really. The car ride was really uncomfortable at first until I'd fall asleep. I was tired most of the time too. We went swimming and damn was it hot in Vegas but dipping in the water was nice. It did take me a whillle to be like 'Whoa, we're in Nevada. I totally forgot.'

I didn't like window shopping. It was like....................this crappy thing is 7 dollars. Really?

I ALMOST GOT THIS DREAM CATCHER THOUGH *A*. IT WAS SO PRETTY BUT I WASN'T READY TO LET GO OF MY $10. lolol. My friend got one though and that seems good enough to me 8D.

♚In the hotel we ended up watching The Hangover at night and we were looking up renting in England around Manchester. We're pretty set on going there and in Old Vegas when the guy was talking to random passerbyers he got to these two boys that were like 'We're from England. Manchester." We think it's a sign =w=.

♚Having internet was like whoo~! LUCKYYYY. It was free too to celebrate their grand opening or something. I flipped when I saw the new layout for hotmail. I was like WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN--...but it's not that bad :>. I was also like *A* when I saw the Somarium comm. ITS SO PRETTTTTY<3333


♚ We got to see these two little shows at Circus Circus which was pretty cool. We saw this group on TV on a Chinese Talk Show that was there. It was pretty cool. And we became all addicited to the quarter machines where you throw a quarter in to try to drop some of the other quarters down. FFFT.

In all I spent like $3 at Las Vegas...on them quarter slots. lololol.

♚In all it's real good to be home 8D. ♥s to the people that commented on my last post as well~
26th-Jul-2010 11:26 pm - [sleep? what's sleep? can i eat it?]
???►just what the hell?

I've decided to go to Las Vegas. Get drunk. Maybe get robbed by a hooker. And errrr...go to one of those sex shows >D. Sounds like fun righhhhht?

No I'm kidding, really. I'm still 17 peoples. :]. The only thing I'm looking forward to is the view and my pretty outfits I just coordinated today *A*. I like coordinating my clothes so they look adorably wacky and I'll stick with it~

UMM. I'm not bringing my camera but my friend is so it should be okay. Not that you guys should expect anything because I don't think there will be anything dramatic over there worth taking pictures of...right?

I'm really tired right now and I should be typing up a hiatus thing for Alice soon....so later guys~ I'll be back Thursday so I doubt anyone would really miss me. But it'd be nice if you guys faked that you did! /nods

/flops to bed

 I guess those pictures of my room would have to wait ECK~ On the plus side my room is clean now.

I had a really nice dream last night. Too bad mother woke me up before it finished. Although it wasn't all that pleasant at first since I was getting shot at. One of those I'll kill you or you'll kill me shooting games....I'll shut up now.
In the Clouds►where i am dreaming。
★Welcome to laenavesse ♥ I would direct you to my intro post but...you'd probably just want to not click on that...ahahaha >>;;. I was totally not nervous about adding you. Yeah. Even if I was I'll never admit it! Ahahahahaaa....I'm glad to have friended you though...let move on.

★I think I've been getting mood swings lately but it's okay. I'm totally good now :>

★Gee, summers already half way over and I feel like I've done nothing. NOTHING I TELL YOU. Well okay I had fun going to a few places but it's depressing when it's over. Very /nods.

I guess the only thing I'm really looking forward to now is Little Tokyo with my servant :>. It'll be nice to cosplay Alice again. I just hope it won't be..too...hot....

★The new Static Art from Square Enix on Ciel in a dress is beautiful. I really want it *A*. I mean I knooow I already have the other Ciel figure...but HE'S A TRAP HERE HOW CAN I RESIST?

So pretty *A*
★My room is currently really messing thanks to my postcard making for the Hetalia thing. I'm still not done and well...I should really finish it soon. Does any one know how long mail takes to get somewhere? Let's just say Texas in this case because it sounds far enough and I don't really remember the address at the moment.

★With the Summer Wonder Festival there are always nice looking figures about...this is dangerous >>;;
But luckily I'm only really eying one or two but you are going to get a complimentary this is an epic figure dump:

Let's start with what I flailed over during the Winter Festival.
Figures: You have to love them.Collapse )

 And as promised to evercool . I'll post up pictures of my room soon.
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